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Prevent A Tip-Over Incident

Unfortunately, serious or fatal injuries occur all too often from what's known as a "tip-over" - when an appliance or piece of furniture is knocked over and transformed into a threat of serious injury or even death in some cases. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a child dies on average every two weeks from a furniture tip-over incident. So while the furniture in your home, such as a dresser, a bookcase or an armoire, may feel stable and heavy, it could still be a hazard for a young child.

We want you to be able to create as safe a home as possible for your family, which is why we strongly recommend securely anchoring all top-heavy furniture (or any other furniture or items you feel might pose this risk) to the wall using anti-tip hardware for extra stability. To make it even easier for you, we include anti-tip hardware with your new feature purchase, so you can install it right away.

Please read on for a few extra safety tips

  • Walk around your home and make a list of existing top-heavy furniture that should be securely anchored to the wall. You can find an anti-tip kit at your local home improvement store, or call us at 800-367-2775(press 3) and we'll send you one on us.
  • Follow instructions carefully for safe wall mounting. It's essential that you use wall anchors appropriate to your wall type (i.e. plaster, drywall, concrete) and mount to wood studs whenever possible for the best protection.
  • Consider mounting or anchoring your TV to the wall or furniture to prevent it from toppling over. In some cases, using media furniture that's designed to hold TVs could be an even better option.
  • Remove items that might tempt children to climb on your furniture, such as toys and remote controls, and place them in locations that they can reach safely.

For more information, please visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website

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