Slubby Silk Drapery Panel

Price: $229.00 - $249.00
Customer Rating: 4.0/5
Nothing adds the look of luxury to a bedroom or living room window like silk. Our Slubby Silk Drapery Panel is hand finished in sumptuous 100% silk with subtle texture and deep rich color that catches light as it moves. Curtain corners are weighted to ensure a smooth, flowing drape. Hangs from 3" rod pocket or included drapery pins.   Slubby Silk Drapery Panel features:   * Cotton lined ....

Dupioni Silk Drapery Panel

Price: $219.00 - $239.00
Customer Rating: 5.0/5
This luxurious drapery panel is hand finished in shimmering Dupioni silk and lined in soft, light- reducing polyester fabric for privacy and sun protection. Corners are weighted to ensure an elegant drape. Hang by 3" rod pocket or included hanging pins. Dupioni Silk Drapery Panel features: * Lightly textured * Hanging pins included