7 Ways to Have Fun with Lampshades

7 Ways to Have Fun with Lampshades

Decorating should be fun, so we love to find new ways to add personality, color, and pattern to a space. Lately, we've been swapping out the traditional white lampshade for something with a little more pep. Here are our favorite ways to have fun with lampshades.

Block Print and Patterns

In some spaces, you may want to go to town with color and pattern. Tie your lighting into the rest of your room's design with patterned lampshades.

Here, we added block print lampshades to our red Winslet lamp to play up the combination of patterns in this living room. We love how the simple hand-painted floral detail adds a little femininity to a graphic shaped lamp base.

Red table lamps with patterned lampshades in a living room
Neutral bedding on white headboard against black wall

Black and White

The type of lampshade you use may determine how much light your lamp gives off. An opaque lampshade like this black one will only cast light up and down, giving a room a moodier feel. A white lampshade will cast the most amount of light all around the room.

Seagrass shade on a buffet lamp adds texture

Add Texture

For a casual look that casts dappled light, a woven or seagrass shade adds just the right effect.

Against a mirror with a rustic wood frame, a seagrass shade lends texture and contrast while having a similar overall feel.

Color Story

To play up the color of the season or to simply bring in your new favorite hue, we love to accent simple shapes in a bold color. Here we echoed the Drum Shade in Spice with a velvet pillow.

Red-orange accents in room with colored lampshade and red velvet pillow
Block print lampshades that match block print bedding in bedroom

Coordinate with Bedding

Repeating a pattern in several places in a room feels luxurious but also quiet at the same time. It seems counterintuitive but often a pattern repeated all over a room almost becomes a neutral.

Here we used our favorite new block print, Anais on both the lampshades and the bedding. The combination of navy and spicy persimmon feels lively but cozy at the same time.

Chandelier Shades
Chandelier Shades

Chandelier Shades

Often when we think of chandeliers, we think of crystals and metals and structure, but sometimes a room needs a little softness. Chandeliers bring just that softness to light fixtures that can feel hard.

Living room makeover from Ballard Designs Solutions services

Mix with Metallics

A little glam never hurt anyone, and we love a lampshade with a little sparkle. Whether it's a gold-lining in a classic white shade or a metallic linen, we love using metallic shades here and there.

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